Ostetso will be taken down as of Dec. 1, 2017
Thank you for your past support.

You've got a great app, but to reach its full potential people need to engage with it, and to share what they're creating with it.

You need a community, and Ostetso will give you exactly that.

In minutes. For free.

Ostetso is a powerful SDK and back-end platform that allows developers to add a photo-sharing social network to their iOS app with just a few lines of code. We take care of everything else, from user registration to image hosting.

Unified Photo Gallery

The core of Ostetso is the gallery of all the images your users are creating. From the moment a new user launches your app they’ll be able to see what other users are doing, and new content from around the world is constantly appearing, keeping people engaged and enchanted.

And this gallery is not just limited to the images from a single app. Ostetso actually allows multiple apps to all contribute to the same gallery. If you've got a suite of apps they can play together, or you can even choose to share images with all the apps in the entire Ostetso network.

And every time someone in a different app looks at a one of your user's photos in the gallery, there's a direct link back to your app in the appstore. It's instant cross-app promotion that feels organic and non-obtrusive, and new users are just a touch away.

Curate, Engage and Grow

This is your community, and so you can completely curate the content shown to your users based on your own community standards.

We provide you with the tools to promote the most interesting content, remove problematic content or users, and monitor your community's activity. You can even send out push notifications to your users in order to drive returns and increase engagement.

External Sharing Made Useful

We also make sure that photos shared outside of your app can still bring new users back to you. All shares to Facebook, Twitter, etc., as well as via text message or email, will link to a custom-branded webpage that sends new users directly to your app on the app store. Click here for an example of this page.

Fast and Seamless Integration

Ostetso is designed to drop in to your existing app with a minimum of fuss. A few simple calls and the gallery is integrated into your app and ready to go. We give you complete control over where and how you integrate it, and provide facilities to customize colors, graphics, text, and buttons so everything can feel completely native.

Let's face it, having a cool app just isn't enough these days. You've got to build an engaged, vibrant, participatory user base... and the proven way to do that is to build a community. Ostetso gives you the tools to do that. And it'll take you just a few minutes to get it rolling. And it's free. Get started now!