A photo-sharing community within your own app.


There’s a particular life-cycle process that most developers go through when they decide they’re going to release a mobile app.  It starts (as it should) with a great idea for a product, followed by weeks/months/years of actually designing and building that product.

And then at some point you start to think about how the app will get noticed, so your worldview starts to include things like announcements and press and marketing (and maybe even advertising).

But even if you’re lucky enough to navigate those waters successfully you may still find that your app isn’t living up to the potential it has.  Because you haven’t developed a passionate community that revolves around it.

We here at Precipice Labs certainly went through all that.  While we put together some fun photo apps like Faceship or FreezePaint and even managed to get some good press here and there, we knew that we needed our users to engage more.  Which meant that not only should they engage with the app itself, they needed to engage with each other.

Sure, they could post to 3rd party social networks like Facebook or Instagram, but that just led them away from the app.  We realized we wanted that level of functionality and community within the app instead.

So we got to work building a framework for photo-sharing – which required things like user accounts, an integrated gallery of photos, push notifications, Likes, shares, comments, etc.  Given that we have multiple apps in the app store, we also quickly realized that it would be even better if people using any of our apps could interact with each other across all of those apps.

From there it was a short walk to our final idea – why not take the framework we’ve built and formalize it so any developer could use it?  Allow event the smallest photo-app developer to have their own integrated photo-sharing network with a minimum of effort… ideally just a few lines of code.  And better yet, if they choose to, they can join into a larger community of apps that are all taking advantage of that same framework.

Which brings us to today.  Precipice Labs is announcing Ostetso, a robust framework that consists of an SDK along with a server back-end that gives all the functionality discussed above.

And for all but the largest apps, it’s totally free.

We’d love to have you check it out.  Take a look at www.ostetso.com for the basics, wander over to the FAQ for a bit more information, and they dive deep at www.ostetso.com/SDK to have all your questions answered, to download the SDK, and to start integrating it into your apps.

And please, feel free to contact us at through our support page (or even on twitter) with any questions or feedback. We want to hear from you!