Facebook Configuration

Ostetso includes an optional integration method with Facebook that makes it easy for your app to share images there in a much more powerful and interesting way than what the standard iOS Social Framework provides. Images posted to Facebook will be branded with your App's name, will include a link to your app in the App Store and, when clicked on, will be featured on a dynamically generated webpage that also shows your app’s information and a link to the app store.

Thus, while we don't require it, we highly recommend that you enable Facebook sharing through Ostetso from within your app to increase visibility, awareness and downloads.

To proceed with Facebook configuration for Ostetso, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to http://developers.facebook.com/apps and create an account if you don't already have one.
  2. If you haven't already added your app to the Facebook Developer site, under the "My Apps" tab, select "Add a New App." Select "iOS" when prompted by the popup window.
  3. Proceed through Facebook's app creation process to generate a new Facebook App ID.
  4. Make sure that you have filled out all of the required information on the App Details page.
  5. Select the "Settings" menu item on the left and then the "Migrations" tab at the top. Make sure that "Stream post URL security" is turned OFF.
  6. Now Select “Basic” at the top of the “Settings” section. Make sure that you have a section called “iOS”. If you don’t, then you will have to add that by selecting the “Add Platform” button and then selecting “iOS” for the type of platform that you want to add. Now you should see this view:

    Make sure that you have the “Bundle ID”, "iPhone Store ID", and "iPad Store ID" (if applicable) fields filled out appropriately. Be sure to save your changes.
  7. Recently Facebook added the requirement that apps posting to user's timelines must have approved permission from Facebook to do so. To acquire this permission you must submit your app through the Facebook developer site for approval. Approval can take up to 7 days, assuming that you have configured everything properly. Unfortunately this is not something that we can handle for you but Ostetso does make it easier to get it right. You will have to provide Facebook with a build of your app that can post to Facebook. Integrating Ostetso into your app first andusing the Ostetso Sandbox environment is good enough to get approved by Facebook.
    To submit, from the Facebook developer site you need to select "Status and Review" and then "Start a submission." On the next popup window, select "publish_actions" and then "Add Items" to close the window.
  8. Fill in all of the required items for this submission on Facebook including uploading a simulator build in the section where they ask you to upload your app.
  9. In the section for Facebook Login Integration, provide instructions on how to share to Facebook from within the app you’ve just uploaded. We have had success by providing instructions like the following:

    The following steps describe how to share to Facebook from within the <Your app name> App:

    • Select the gallery button which is located... <You should provide instructions specific to your app on how to launch the gallery>
    • Select an image in the gallery by tapping on it. You will now be viewing images in a single column.
    • Select the "Share" button (the blue arrow located in the center below the image).
    • You will be prompted to log in or register. Select the "No, register me" option.
    • Register with a test Facebook account that allows for publish_actions and enter a user name for use with our app.- You will now be taken to the image sharing page. Select the "Facebook" button.
    • You will now be taken to the Facebook sharing page. Select the "Share" button.
    • The image is now shared to the Facebook stream.

  10. Once you’ve entered this description, you can now select "Submit for Review" from the Items in Review page. You should get a confirmation from Facebook and get approval within 7 days.
  11. While you are waiting for approval from Facebook, you should make sure that you have provided us with your Facebook App ID on your Ostetso app configuration page. You will be able to test Facebook integration within your app as long as you log into Facebook through your app using the same account that you used to register your app with Facebook.
  12. Ostetso integrates the Facebook SDK to handle Facebook authentication and posting to the user’s timeline. When Facebook is correctly configured the authentication entails swapping out of your app and into either the Facebook App (if it is installed on the user’s device) or Safari (if the Facebook app is not installed). After Facebook login is complete, Facebook will automatically swap back to your app. For this to work properly you must edit your app’s .plist file and add a new URL Scheme. To do that, open the plist in Xcode and navigate to the following entry:
    URL Types
        Item 0 (Editor)
            URL Schemes
    Select the “URL Schemes” row. This will expose a ‘+’ symbol that you should select to add a new row below it. Edit the new row and add:
    Item 0     String     fb<Facebook AppID>
    (Where the AppID is the one from developers.facebook.com). Make sure that there is no space between the fb and the App ID - It will look something like this: fb1624347972126007