About Sandbox and Production environments

Ostetso maintains both sandbox and production environments on our servers. The sandbox environment is to be used by developers during the integration and testing process. Here you can create any number of test users that you wish and test the functionality of Ostetso as you integrate it into your apps. The production environment is to be used for your "live" apps, where images are visible to all users of Ostetso supported apps. When your app has been thoroughly tested and you are ready to submit it to the Apple app store, you will make a simple code change to switch your app over to the production environment.

When you first add your app to the Ostetso website you are immediately granted access to our sandbox testing environment. In your code where you tell us your application ID you must also indicate which environment the app will run under by setting the useProductionEnvironment parameter as shown in the example below:

[Ostetso setApplicationID : 
appKey : 
useProductionEnvironment : NO
delegate : ];

It is important to note that your app will not be permitted to run under the production environment until it has been approved by Ostetso administrators. Once you have tested your app with Ostetso, go to your App configuration page and select the "Submit for promotion to production" button at the bottom. We will review your app and contact you via email when your app has been approved for production. This process usually takes between one and five business days. Once your app has been approved, you are free to switch your app over to the production environment by changing the useProductionEnvironment parameter to YES.

IMPORTANT: Once we have approved your app and you are ready to submit to the Apple App Store, be sure to change the "useProductionEnvironment" parameter value to YES before submitting your app.